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How Small Businesses Continue to F*@! Up Their Sales

Probably the most important piece to building a successful business is your sales funnel. You will be surprised to hear the amount of small businesses that just don’t have a sales funnel in place. They’ve had success because they got picked up by an influencer, traffic came in and they were convinced they had made [...]

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20 Time Management Techniques That Changed My Life

When you're starting out as an entrepreneur, you end up having to do everything yourself. This means, you end up doing a 5 man job for 15 hours a day until you can finally afford to hire some help. As you would expect, it's completely normal to continuously run out of time. I've narrowed time [...]

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The 9 Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Makes When Starting Their Business

I can't help but feel excited when I hear someone somewhere wants to open up their company. I always visualise myself doing the jumping-up-and-down-excitement scream with them, while the rest of the movie theatre audience stares in utter shock, speechless. I digress. Shortly after that, I remember all those mistakes I made during my early [...]

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The #1 Reason People Fail to Start Their Businesses

People don’t give enough credit to failure. We frown on it in school, we frown on it in life. What we don’t really understand is that failure is the only reason people obtain success. I can name over 100 of the most inspiring people in the world who failed before they got to success. And [...]

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