Most entrepreneurs aren’t business experts (duh).

Usually, growing a business begins in a state of sink or swim.

More than a swim, it’s more of staying afloat, unnecessary splashing and the occasional glance over at your neighbour for tips.

This process is the way we learn. It isn’t wrong, it simply is slow.
With the world getting smaller and knowledge being the most commonly traded currency, time tends to be your competitive advantage.

My aim with Become Business is to speed up your learning curve. I believe sharing the mistakes I’ve made ensures you don’t get stuck in the same ones. I share my knowledge in growing a tiny 2 member business to a £4M revenue business operating in 16 countries in under 5 years sustaining a 300% Year on Year growth.

I’ve had over 10 years of experience dealing with start ups all the way to corporates, my aim is to train you to implement best practises and understand what you need to measure to ensure your business thrives.

Who I’m not for: If you’re still thinking about starting your business but haven’t taken action, I’m not for you.
You’ll need to jump into the water before I can advise you on your swimming technique. That said, I’m happy to give you 15 minutes of free advice to get you started 🙂

What entrepreneurs have to say

Nitesh is an excellent mentor. Great knowledge and experience. Amazing approach to people and always happy to help and support. I wouldn’t get my business started without him! I’ll be always grateful and will always remember who helped me, supported me and was there for me when I had some questions.

Anna Klekner / Knitted Madness

This man helped me to get “started” and “take action”. Something a lot of people find the hardest to do.

Joni Richardson / Earnomic

Nitesh provided valuable sales guidance. How to look at sales, how to improve it and how to execute it. He also mentored me through obstacles I was facing with relation to reaching my target market and thinking about varying my services to fit different needs. Nitesh was a great ‘go-to’ person when things seemed impossible but with his knowledge and encouragement it made the journey much less daunting.

Aneeka Patel / Project 143